meet our director



Lullaby 24 Hour Childcare & Early HeadStart is owned and operated by, Ms. Rosalind Batiste. 

· Author of "The Things My Daycare Teacher Tells Me" 

· Bachelor’s Degree

· Child Development Associate Credentials

· Member of The National Association For The Education Of Young Children

· Over 34 years Training, Education and hands on experience working with children 

· CPR/1st-Aid/Health & Safety Certified 

· Criminal record clearance thru The Department Of Justice and the FBI

· Child Abuse Background clearance thru The Department Of Justice 

· I'm also a mother of 6 children (ages 34, 34, 30, 26, 17, 14)

My beliefs in operating a daycare, and also in life, is to treat all children, their parents and all people, with LOVE, RESPECT and HONESTY. This has allowed me to become life long friends with many families. Often going to their children's t-ball games, dance recitals, awards assemblies as they move into elementary school, attending their high school graduations, attending their weddings, speaking frequently by phone with families who now live in other states...etc. 

I continually renew my commitment to the families I service by attending yearly trainings and educational conferences to be able to offer the most up to date quality care possible. 

"They Actually Care about me and my baby...we aren't just a dollar sign!" Brittney J. (parent)

Author, Rosalind batiste


"Our WORDS can make a child into kings, Queens, Presidents, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, humanitarians, loving, thoughtful and caring human beings. Our WORDS build something inside of a child that books, toys, food nor clothing can not even begin to reach...."

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